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After School Reading Rockets

This is our literacy grant in action. The driver behind all reading is meaning.  Struggling readers have difficulty accessing meaning.  Children who struggle with reading begin to read less.  The key for a successful support program for struggling readers is to deliberately choose books that match a student's level and to activate the reader’s background knowledge.  We should then get children talking about the story, noticing things from pictures and making personal connections to the story.  When a student stumbles trying to identify a word, we can then prompt them: ”What would make sense?"  "What would sound right?" "What would look right?"  We could then try other prompts: "What do you see that can help you?" "What is the first letter?" "Does this look like a word you know?"

With Reading Rockets, Mrs. Mary Binge, our Academic Coach, has designed an intervention environment where students have access to appropriately leveled books and small group instruction.  A mini lesson is taught, and students have opportunities to read, talk, and write about reading.  The teacher meets with strategy groups during this intervention time.  We have targeted 20 students in second grade.  We have started with 10 students for 10 weeks, and then we'll enter the next 10 students.  We used our Title 1 screener-DIBELS and Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessments along with teacher input to target our students for this After School Literacy Program.